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Running head: THE ROLE OF GENDERThe Role of GenderName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1THE ROLE OF GENDEREquality and Equity ForumSome of the researches have mentioned that we are continuously intrigued by thestatistics that shows the opposing form of reactions towards the progression in the career and theparity in the gender. Catherine Fox who is the former corporate columnist while reviewing theAustralian Finance have found out that 72 % of the males senior executives have agreed with thestatements that the progress has been initiated for the empowerment of women in terms of theircareer. However, when the same survey was done on women, it was found that 71% of thewomen has disagreed to the statement (Abdullah, Karpowitz & Raphael, 2016). In the study of the Women in Asset Management, the financial times have argued thatthere are about 37 % female asset managers have agreed that the women in the management ofthe funds have improved and there are about 70 % of the male asset managers who have arguedthat the situations have overall improved. However, it was observed through pooling that 77%disagreed on the quota system and 51% of the women believed that quota system will enhancethe conditions of the management. The problem of equity occurs when men sees the several policies to have a positiveimpact on the management. However, the women feel that all these policies does not lead to havethe positive outcomes on the position of the career of the women. Women were not able to seeany form of positive impact on the fields of mentoring. On the other hand, men felt that theefforts have given them positive effects on the sense of well being (Sen & Mukherjee, 2014). The major form of the shifts that exists in the fields of International Development havebeen developed from the past 15 years and have posed for both the challenges and theopportunities that are there for the advancements of the equality of gender and rights for women.

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