The Role of Leadership Styles on Quality and Safety Initiatives

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The role of leadership styles on quality and safety initiatives in health care sector in Saudi Arabia
Autocratic leadership styleThe leader is responsible for the decision making in the organizationDecision making process in the organization is centralized as top management make all the decisions affecting the organization (Bhatti, et al.2012).Opinions and ideas of other people in the organization are not appreciated.Policies and structures are put in place to be followed
Benefits of autocratic leadership styleThe organization enjoys quick decision making as there is not consulting different people in the organization for ideas and opinions. Established structures force the organization to follow the set safety initiatives as staff fear consequences (Dorfman, et al.2012).The set plan also ensures that the organization does not deviate from quality and safety initiatives in Saudi Arabia.
Cons of autocratic leadershipInput of subordinates in the organization is ignoredThis is because leaders in the organization does not seek opinions of others and this may lead to having poor quality and safety initiatives in Saudi Arabia.Resistance will be experienced when implementing various safety initiatives in Saudi Arabia as involved stakeholders were not engaged (Dorfman, et al.2012).

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