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The selected paper was written by Hamid, and Kiani on Impact of

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The selected paper was written by Hamid, and Kiani on Impact of Firms Strategic Predispositionon Consumer Perceived value of Green Products (International Review of Management andBusiness Research, 2014).The main focus of this article's research is to measure the relationship between the strategicpredisposition of firms and perceived value of green products. The writer was trying to disclose the relationship and also describe how strategic predispositionof firms influence positively perceived the value of green products. The study was to measurewhat role strategic predisposition can play in enhancing consumer’s perceived value of greenproducts. This study will be an efficient contribution to the body of knowledge on differentorganizations actual contribution towards green purchase behavior.The hypothesis of this study was that the Strategic predisposition of organizations leads to anapparent progressive value of green products (Draper, 2014).The independent variable would be the strategic predisposition of the organization. Thedependent variable would be the value of green products. This is the dependent variable becausethe value of green products fully based on the predisposition of an organization.Data collected through the sampling approach which has been collected from respondents.Respondents were the part of the focus group across consumer and business segments of thesociety. The writer used SPSS and regression analysis to analyze the collected data (Chatterjee,2015).The regression coefficient measures the overall fitness of the model which found high in thisarticle. The value of R square is 0.444 or 0.417. The value of adjusted R square is 0.420 or 0.405

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