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Significance of translation in today’s world PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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The significance of translation in today’s world
The transmittal of meaning from one language to another is called as translation. A
translator should ensure that there is no change in the meaning while translating from the
source language to the target language (Gutt, 2014). There may be occassions when cultural
and regional differences changes the tone and intent of the message. Adhering to the different
consraints in translation should ensure that the process of translation is being done accurately.
The main constraints in translation are the grammatical rules of the source and target
languages, the context, and the use of idioms. It is wrong to assume that there is a word-for-
word association between languages, which makes translation an easy process. Ignoring the
constraints of translation would make it a mechanical and erroneous process. Precise
translations require an awareness about the cultural differences that exists in different
countries. As globalization grows more prevalent, it is important to convey messages across
regional boundaries clearly (Venuti, 2018). The significance of translation in maintaining
good business relations across borders is going to increase in the future.
Gutt EA. Translation and relevance: Cognition and context. Routledge; 2014 Jul 16.
Venuti L, editor. Rethinking translation: Discourse, subjectivity, ideology. Routledge;
2018 Sep 30.
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