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The Situation of Edward | Essay

Added on - 03 Feb 2020

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Legal and Ethical Issues
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INTRODUCTIONHealth and fitness is considered as a balanced situation in which mental, physical andemotional status of a person are in equilibrium. An individual has to be disease free, emotionallysubstantial and mentally sound for being healthy. Different health and social care problems areoften weighted in terms of legal and ethical principles which have been designed by the societyfor maintaining discipline. This essay present the situation of Edward who is in coma from along time. The various legal and ethical issues which are related with his situation have beendiscussed in this essay for developing an insight towards wise decision making.1. Legal authorityAccording to the mentioned case scenario Edward has refused for any type of medicaltreatment. It is an negligence that has been shown by Edward toDrummond, M.F. and,2015.wards his health and due to that serious health impacts have been observed by him.Paramedics does not have legal authority to institute treatment for his diabetic coma with takingconsent of the patient. It becomes legal duty of the paramedics to render proper medicalassistance and treatment to the patient that has been admitted in the hospital (Drummond, 2015).2. Elements to prove consent to be validIt is vital that all the elements that are requirement to make a valid contract should bepresent when an agreement is signed. It is vital that prior permission from Edward should betaken for administrating the treatment. Informed consent is explained as an process in which thetreating health care provider takes initiatives for disclosing the information to a competentpatient. It supports the patient to take decisions to accept the treatment or for refusing thetreatment. A patient has legal right for involving in the health care treatment that are beingprovided to him (Hazelwood and Burgess, 2016).Major elements of the informed consent includes the nature of the decision/procedures.The next element is reasonable alternative that are available for the proposed solution. Inaddition to that the relevant risk, benefits and uncertainties related to each alternative is alsoincluded as an element that are included under full informed consent (Ben-Assuli, 2015). It isvital that assessment of patient understanding should also be made and the acceptance ofintervention of the intervention by the patient are also included in the list of elements that are3
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