The statement given by Vince Lombardi is correct.

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The statement given byVince Lombardi is correct. I agree with the statement. The statement isbased on the concept of, “You Can Do More” (Gao, 2015). It is advisable for me to followperfection in my life rather than running behind the excellence. It is true that the pursuit towardsperfection makes us excellent in our day to day activities. I had to seek perfection in most of thething I did in school to achieve excellent percentage in my school exams. This built mymotivation to perform excellently in my exams than my fellow classmates. All the excellencethat I achieved was definitely an outcome of my efforts and perfection in all that I did (Ericsson,2014). It is considered that when things become difficult, our brain goes into survival mode(mentally or physically), and we start slowing down and shutting down. It is our responsibility toavoid all the bad things of the past which can negatively affect our mind and live in today. WhenI am in a complex situation, I lie to my brain and make efforts to achieve my goals of life. Myaim of life motivates me enough to move further and do something innovative. When I join theregular workforce, it is important for me to perform all the responsibilities and obligationsefficiently. High performance on the job enhance my esteem and confidence, as well as results ingood grades, high praise from management and various other benefits (Vijay, 2015). In somemanner, excellence is in the eye of a person. If someone performs his or her work in the bestmanner, this will bring a sense of excellence and pride which is good.
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