Strategic Choice of Organization (Doc)

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The strategic choices of an organization concerning staffing could be setting compensation.Human resource manager need to set the compensation on the basis of performance appraisalof its staff and this is a major challenge. As they have to make sure that their employees aremotivated to work. Another strategic choice is recruiting aggressively to hire the best talent inthe market to enhance the effectiveness of the organization by their performance. They alsohave to manage the costs by layoffs which are a tough decision. They need to provide rankingon the basis of that the below performers can be asked to leave. Training is another strategicchoice which should be provided by the organization to make learn the staff new technologyor any new up gradation in existing technology.Setting compensation:The advantages of this strategic choice is that it certainly motivates the employee to workharder or and perform better to gain success and achieve more. The disadvantage could bethat the employee might not be motivated as its aspiration is something else.Recruiting aggressively:By recruiting on a regular basis would infill fresh knowledge into the company environment.Disadvantage could be that the company has to undergo severe expenditure mode andrecruitment might not be successful each time.Managing Costs:One needs to manage costs by cutting down the expenses. It would add value to the monetaryside. On the other hand cutting of various dimensions might lose value from the company.Training:
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