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The Supply Chain Management (Doc)

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Added on  2020-02-19

The Supply Chain Management (Doc)

   Added on 2020-02-19

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BICC INDEX METRICSEvery venture in Business in whatever business is like a complex machine with different parts. Each of these parts be it physical, logistical or theoretical must be in harmony for any worthinessin business to be achieved. The supply chain management is a complex but very important part of every other business. It is the backbone of any business. This therefore requires keen observation and assessment. Business Intelligence Competency centers (BICC) are the different measures and gauges used to rank a business. With these the management can derive a scorecard. By the scorecard the business is able to perform at the best rates, exclude unnecessary expenses and create room for betterment of current situations.BICC Index Metric Performance therefore is the established measurement for the performance ofthe supply chain management. (Gloria J. Miller, 2006) noted that the supply chain revolves around the flow of goods and services from the point of origin of the end point where they are consumed. Any metric system therefore has to be within the folds of goods and services sourcing, supply and delivery. There are five (5) established and well known Metrics. These are namely; Uptime, Load time, Outages, Education and Data. It is recommended that the five metrics be used well to give the business a direction. Working simultaneously none of the metrics can be said to be superior or inferior to the other and should be treated with utmost caution.a)UptimeThis metric measure deals with the very first responses or where the supply chains begin. If things go wrong at the beginning one can be sure they will as well go wrong later. This assessment is therefore key to all the rest. The assessment done entails important performance issues. These issues are; Source-Is the source present i.e. is there anything to be delivered? If this is missing the chain does not begin. If present then we move to the next question-Infrastructure; here we check the following-Is the right infrastructure available? If available what its status? Note it may be present but not in a condition to perform the task. The final consideration on uptime is the Response. How fast the department was able to respond to the source is what determines future jobs and even creates or breaks referees.b)Load timeOnce the uptime performance has been assessed the next assessment is the load time. According to (Shoshanah Cohen, 2013) the availability and appropriateness of the load schedule is the first consideration. How well it covers the convenience of the source, supplierand the consumer. The load time is also very keen on priority data. How quick or slow it takes to load is also put into consideration.c)Outages
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