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The Thailand DairyExploring new place, people, culture, tradition, environment, lifestyle and many morethings if I can think of possible to experience, then only one thing that strikes my mind is“Travelling”.“Travelling” for me is not just visiting a place rather it is the opportunity to know howdifferent the world around you. Since childhood, whenever I get opportunity to move outor go somewhere, I have never said no to any such opportunity. I have no particularinterest in traveling like visiting greenery or historical place or rock hills or zoo, centuriesetc. I love to go anywhere, as for me important is “just go somewhere”.Travelling is like motivation for me of pleasure, relaxation, discovery, culture, buildingcommunication etc. thus I never wait for opportunity of travelling like many other to findtime for it, I just create time to explore new and being a student, I have that freedom andcuriosity for travelling always.I have visited many places but the recent visit to “Thailand” I would say, one of the mostmemorable and precious visit I have ever had. That visit took my excitement, curiosity,happiness to sky high and till date it’s vivid in my eye.This experience, I would like to share with you and why it’s so memorable for me, I amgoing to reveal it.On 19thOctober, 2017, the day I had to take my flight from JFK New York toSuvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) Bangkok. It was a late night flight at 2.00AMbut I was active and no sleepiness feeling as I was excited to reach Bangkok soon. Ittook 12 hours long travelling to reach finally at Bangkok at 2 AM as per the Bangkoktime. It’s interesting to see departure and arrival at same time in two different nation.This was my first wow moment on arrival.A local guide named Janie was waiting for me at airport to take me to one the famous 5star hotel “Bangkok Palace” to rest. The excitement was so high that I would like to startvisiting Thailand since arrival despite I was tired inside. Though I experienced few
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