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The Travel and Tourism Sector Assignment - LCB tours

Added on -2020-12-09

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The travel and tourism sector is one of growing sector.LCB tours sis a travel company and it provides the bettertout package as well as other services to consumers incontext to satisfy wants and requirements. The mainobjective of this company is to enhance the market share.In the travel industry, tour operator plays a necessaryrole because they guide the tourists about the destinationplaces. Different tour operators are mention below asabove:Specialist Tour Operators- They give the service toniche market which has some interest in specificgeographical area for particular type of activity. It isbased on geographical area as well as visitors theyhandle.Inbound Tour Operators- These tour operators providethe trips with in country to visitors which are visitingfrom the other countries. They give the local assistancefor visitors which are arriving in their country. Inboundtour operators make local arrangements for pick up anddrop services, arrange local service, provide the localguides etc. Domestic Tour Operators- It includes residents of country that travelling only within own country. They have upper hand in context to know domestic seasons, foods and culture.In regards to this, they can be repeat trips, sense demand of the local market etc.UK Outbound Tour Operators- Under this, theyprovide the multinational tourism. This tour operatortakes the residents from one country to the another fortravel. They sell the tour packages to consumers inown country who wants to travel in another country.Current/Recent trends and developmentsAdvancements in technology- In tourist sector,technology plays a necessary role because it helps in transform the business. Through advance technology, LCB company provides the online services to tourists so that they can book early.Effect of Brexit on Tourism- Tourism and travel has been winner from 2016 Brexit vote that pushed down value of pound, making Britain more attractive destination for holidays fort the foreign visitors. Increased environmental awareness and Responsible tourism- IT is necessary that tourists should be aware about make safe the environment. If the environment will be safe then tourists will travel without any issue. Responsible tourism helps in reduce negative environmental, social and economic effects. Effects of current and recent trends and developments on the tour operations industryTOUR OPERATION MANAGEMENT

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