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The two parts in this assignment will contribute equally to your

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MET CS 669 Database Design and Implementation for BusinessHealth Assignment 2The two parts in this assignment will contribute equally to your grade and will be evaluated separately.Part 1: Physicians and PatientsReview the following business rules regarding physicians and patients to complete this part. A diagnosis is given to one or more patients.A patient is given one or more diagnoses.An attending physician sees at least 20 patients.Each diagnosis is given a diagnosis code.The business rules above specify all of the relevant entities; however, some business rules do not specify both sides of the relationship. You will be completing this list of business rules.1. To get started, list the names of all entities provided in the business rules above.2. Identify the entities that are related to each other.3. Identify the optionality and plurality constraints on both sides of each relationship, where possible. Indicate where the provided business rules do not provide the optionality and plurality constraints.4. Create a complete list of business rules. The new list should not add additional entities, but should specify the optionality and plurality constraints for both sides of all relationships. Make reasonable assumptions to create the list and state your assumptions. There is no provably “right” list of assumptions.5. Create a conceptual entity-relationship diagram using Crow’s Foot notation that reflects your list of business rules. You may use Microsoft Visio Pro or another similarly capable drawing application to produce your ERD. Note that cardinalities are not required in the diagram, though relationship connectivities are required.Copyright 2011-2013 Boston University. All Rights Reserved.

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