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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONGHKU SPACE Community CollegeIntroduction to Database SystemsIndividual AssignmentDue Date:6/Dec/16Total Marks:100Weight:15% of the total assessment of this courseSubmission:Softcopy (through SOUL) – MS Word or pdf formatsRequirements:This is an individual assignment. You may discuss with each other, but youmust write your own answers.Hand-drawn diagrams are acceptable. Make surethey areclearly readable.A private charter flight company uses the following table to keep track of its flightrecords. Four sample data are displayed below for reference.CHARTER_FLIGHT Table:Attribute NameSample ValueSample ValueSample ValueSample ValueDate15-Jan-201415-Jan-201416-Jan-201418-Jan-2014OriginHong KongShanghaiHong KongTaipeiDestinationShanghaiBeijingSingaporeHong KongDistance (km)1,2001,0802,570810Customer nameLeeC WWong S KChu T YLee C WCustomer HKIDA277377(3)B135790(4)C987652(A)A277377(3)Customer Phone99998888288838881357902499998888No.ofpassengers21857Cargo weight(kg)23518,9403481,550PilotMeltonChenHendersonChenAircraft No.1234Q6780Y1234Q2557WNo.of seats10381018Charges per km(US$)$5.78$40.82$5.78$12.50Q1.UsingtheCHARTER_FLIGHT table above, give examples to illustrate thethree data anomalies, namely insertion, deletion and modification anomalies.(10%)1
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