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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONGHKU SPACE Community CollegeIntroduction to Database SystemsIndividual AssignmentDue Date:6/Dec/16Total Marks:100Weight:15% of the total assessment of this courseSubmission:Softcopy (through SOUL) – MS Word or pdf formatsRequirements:This is an individual assignment. You may discuss with each other, but you must write your own answers.Hand-drawn diagrams are acceptable. Make sure they are clearly readable.A private charter flight company uses the following table to keep track of its flight records. Four sample data are displayed below for reference.CHARTER_FLIGHT Table:Attribute NameSample ValueSample ValueSample ValueSample ValueDate15-Jan-201415-Jan-201416-Jan-201418-Jan-2014OriginHong KongShanghaiHong KongTaipeiDestinationShanghaiBeijingSingaporeHong KongDistance (km)1,2001,0802,570810Customer nameLee C WWong S KChu T YLee C WCustomer HKIDA277377(3)B135790(4)C987652(A)A277377(3)Customer Phone99998888288838881357902499998888No.ofpassengers21857Cargo weight(kg)23518,9403481,550PilotMeltonChenHendersonChenAircraft No.1234Q6780Y1234Q2557WNo. of seats10381018Charges per km(US$)$5.78$40.82$5.78$12.50Q1.Using the CHARTER_FLIGHT table above, give examples to illustrate the three data anomalies, namely insertion, deletion and modification anomalies. (10%)1
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