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Ban against Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Campus PDF

Added on - 23 Sep 2021

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Running head: The University Should Enact a Ban against Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on
The University Should Enact a Ban against Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Campus
The University Should Enact a Ban against Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Campus
The University ShouldEnact aBan against Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Campus
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been on the rise in the university and as a result,
debates whether they should be banned or not have intensified. Those who argue for the motion
emphasize the negative health impact of sugar-sweetened drinks citing that these beverages lead
to blood sugar extremes, poor dental health, obesity and so forth. Their primary aim is to guide
students and other consumers in the university away from sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)
such as juices, teas, and sodas to other risk-free drinks like water. Arguers who argue against ban
of these substances point out that sugar-sweetened drink like soda help in keeping the consumer
hydrated because they contain a lot of water content. In this particular essay, a continuation of
this debate is provided in form of a reflection paper.
Howse, Freeman, Wu, and Rooney (2018) in their study purpose to determine the viewpoints and
attitudes of a given university population towards sugar-sweetened drinks in a university context.
I agree with their views that there is a mounting interest in population-based, environment
centered techniques meant to curtail the usability of sugar-sweetened substances owing to the
health demerits associated with them. However, most of the marketers of SSBs are targeting
young population in a university setting and thus it could be splendid if campaigns can be
directed to this group to explain to them the drawbacks associated with SSBs. In so doing, the
university would make a significant step towards lessening consumptions of these perilous
When debating the issue of whether the university should ban sugar-sweetened beverages or not
it is also important to consider other close substitutes which might remain unbanned. Taber and
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