The Value Of Interval Training In The Achievement Of Specific Goals

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INSTRUCTIONSINFORMATION TO BE COMPLETEDName: William JayStudent PI Number: A213256Tutor: Mr U TanDate: 07/09/1XTopic:The value of interval training in the achievement of specific goalsPurpose:The presented personal investigation is focusing on addressing the theeffectiveness of interval training which are generally used by sportsmanand individuals to maintain a fit and active body. Moreover, the aim willbe on the proposing the factors involved in internal training that is alsosuggested by current authors in order to address the benefits and valuegained in the coaching sessions. The investigation is directing the effortson highlighting the areas that would help to assess the valuation andadvantages of interval training that supports the individuals in achievingthe set of specific goals.Structure of thereport:REPORT TITLESECTION AIntroduction and distinctnessApproach interpretedRelevancy of sourcesSECTION BMain findings from the literatureSession introductionsSession explanationsSession practices
Whole-part-whole practicesThe structure of practicePrinciples of good practicesSession feedbackMain principles of teaching and instructionSECTION CMain recommendations for coaching/instructional practiceREFERENCESSources:Source 1:Gibala, M. J. and, 2012.The Journal of physiology.John Wiley &Sons.Source 2:Hoeger, W .W. and Hoeger, S. A., 2016.Lifetime physical fitness andwellness: A personalized program. Cengage Learning.Source 3:Wang, J. S. and, 2013. Effect of aerobic interval training onerythrocyte rheological and hemodynamic functions in heart failurepatients with anemia.International journal of cardiology.168(2).pp.1243-1250.Summarise eachsourceSource 1 proposed contribution:Gibala and, (2012) will help to address the basic as well asconceptual understanding about the interval training. It will provideimmense and vital information in the context of high intensity intervaltraining.
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