The Vehicular Ad-hoc Network.

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The Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworkThe Vehicular Ad-hoc NetworkThe cybersecurity technology that has been used in this paper is "The Vehicular Ad-HocNetwork (Al-Sultan, 2014)." It is a technology that widely used for the purpose of moving carsas nodes in a network to create a mobile network. This technology mainly turns everyparticipating car into a wireless node or router which further allow them to create their networkwith a wide range. The technology comes with a wide set of capabilities. Some of them are thehigh dynamic topology, frequent disconnected network, mobility modeling and prediction, andvarious others. From past some 5 years, this the VANET technology is frequently emerging dayby day. It has been clarified the facts given by theLoo (2016). The researcher said that theVANET is used now in a large number of fields such as communication or informationtechnology. Due to the growing use of this technology, it has gained enough attraction of bigbusiness houses.It is mainly popular in the areas which are related to warning lights, maintenance andhighway construction, weather-related hazards, and stop and go traffic information. VANETplays an important role in cybersecurity. In cybersecurity, this technology mainly used toenhance the safety on the roads by enabling vehicles to communicate with each other. In theprotection area of cybersecurity VANET mainly protects the different networks by enforcingproper communication channel (Pathan, 2016). On the other hand, in other areas like defense,recovery, and resilience, and remediation the VANET mainly identify the differentvulnerabilities and propose a relevant solution for further improvement.
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