Report on The War of 1812

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Running: THE WAR OF 1812The War of 1812Name of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1THE WAR OF 1812Part A:The War of 1812 was fought between the United States of America, the UniteddKingdom and France. The war receives contradictory reaction, while some historians feel itwas unnecessary, others say it was important. The two causes of the war which showed that itwas important were as follows:Preservation of the American prestige:Britain in order to control French trade with America imposed restrictions onAmerican traders. The British insulted the Americans and forcefully included in the British tostrengthen their army against France. Americans fought the war to safeguard their rights andidentity.Impressment and actions of the British Navy:The British imposed restrictions on American traders using their naval power torestrict the trade of France withe the Americans. Moreover, to win against Nepolean, theBritish forced the American to join their army. They used Indian army to raid the Americancoasts and supported the Native Americans to raid the United States.Part B:The two results of the war of 1812 which benefitted the US are as follows:1. The United States forces were able to defeat the Native Americans and unify them withtheir country. As a result, the United States become more stable country and the UScelebrated the second independence.2. The American Navy became stronger which helped the United States to protect its bordersbetter. Due to unification the country was unified, it encouraged economic development and
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