Theology Assignment | Foundations of a Bible Christian View

Added on - 08 May 2020

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Running head: FOUNDATIONS OF A BIBLE CHRISTIAN VIEW1Foundations of a bible Christian viewStudent’s NameDate of Submission
FOUNDATIONS OF A BIBLE CHRISTIAN VIEW2An outline of salvation and the relationship between man and GodThe diagram below illustrates the relationship between man and God and ways in whichsalvation can either be gained or lost. While many people think that salvation involve thedirection that the peoples’ souls take when they die, that is heaven or hell, in actual sense this isnot the case (Kostenberger & O'Brien, 2017). In actual sense, salvation is the manner in whichGod restores our relationship with Him when we are on earth and this determines our destinyafter death.Retrieved from relationship between man and God are weakened by sin which acts as achasm. In fact, the gap created between God and man is so wide that no bridgecan fill it (Vine, 2015). Man has severally tried to close this gap through gooddeeds and building of a tower but this falls apart within a short time.AnalyzeBasically, the above outline indicates how sin separates man from God. On oneside of this outline, there is God , where He provides eternal life while on theother side is man, where there is eternal death. If man still dwells in in earthlythings like wealth, sex, and greed, then such factors will block them fromobtaining the mercy of God and hence the inability to attain eternal life(Lindsay, 2013). Sinful nature is condemned in the Bible just as Romans :23indicates that all people have fallen into sin. This means that there is a need for
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