Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and Development

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Running head:CONTEMPORARY SOCIETYContemporary SocietyName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CONTEMPORARY SOCIETYIntroductionIntersectionalityis considered as the most important theory in the contemporary societyin which the various human aspects such as sexual orientation, race, class and gender are beingconsidered (Brah, Avtar and Ann Phoenix 2014). The theory believes in the fact that the humanaspects of the society do not exist in isolation and that they are related by complex interwovenrelationships (Brah, Avtar and Ann Phoenix 2014). These relationships are important forunderstanding for the existence of the human conditions in the modern society. This theory ishelpful in understanding of the social injustice and social inequality. This theory focuses on thefact that thesocial identitiesare not usually mapped in usual social discourses and they are oftenoppressed,discriminatedand dominated.This paper would focus on the different discrimination categories that are being faced bythe people in the society. The experiences of the professional sportsmen and sportswomen wouldbe discussed with relevance to the intersectional theory. The theory of intersectionality would bediscussed along with reference to gender, class, race and experiences of the various sportspersonin swimming and AFL ( Australian Football League).Topic 1- Concept of intersectionalityTheme 1As defined byBauer and Greta(2014), intersectionality is one of the most importanttheory in understanding of the different social inequalities faced by the persons in relation to thegender, race, sexuality and race that focuses on the mutually constitutive processes. This theoryfocuses on the various aspects of the identity of an individual that are used to affect theperception in the society (Brah, Avtar and Ann Phoenix 2014). This theory is considered to be an
2CONTEMPORARY SOCIETYanalysis of the power hierarchies of the different individuals within a particular social sphere.The society has multiple layers of oppression that are usually inter related with each other (Brah,Avtar and Ann Phoenix 2014). For example, there are sports person who are not being givenchances in their respective fields for their race, sex or other discriminating factors. There aremany instances of abuse that are being faced by the sports person.Intersectionality cannot be stated as a static process but it is a dynamic process that isresponsible for the creation of the responses to complex social inequalities. As opined byMelton,Nicole and Bryant(2017), there are usually three constructs within the premises of theintersectional theory such as structural intersectionality, political intersectionality andrepresentational intersectionality. The representational intersectionality is concerned with thepresence of various forms of stereotypes in the world of sports that affect the various individualswith multiple forms of identities (Brah, Avtar and Ann Phoenix 2014).Theme 2As opined byBurton and Laura(2015), there has been a decrease in the participationopportunities for women as well as girls in all form of sport. Women are often underrepresentedin the various leadership positions of the sports. The important leadership positions are oftenbeing occupied by the male counterparts and it is expected that women would stay out of thesepositions. There are various stereotyping issues that are prevalent in the sports industry and therehave been several layers of discrimination (Burton and Laura2015). This has led to theapplication of the intersectionality theory, in which there has been a decrease in the womenparticipation in sports.Theme 3
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