Tourism and Hospitality : Assignment

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Background:Tourism involves pleasure of travelling or business associated with travelling (Becker, 2016). Italso involves theories of travel and tourism, strategies to attract the travelers, accommodationand entertainment of travelers. Business of tourism is based on the interest of travel lovers allover the world. Different travel and tourism organizations serve the travelers of differentcommunity in travelling. Tourism industry focuses on the expectations of the travelers, like, whattype of places they prefer to visit, what type of guidance and services they expect from theindustry etc (Schroeder et al. 216). Travel industry involves local people and local touch in theservices. Tourists should feel attached to the places they are visiting. Presentation of local cultureis also important in the tourism industry. Tourism organization may arrange trekking andphotography workshops to attract the travelers. There should be sufficient safety provisions forthe travelers. Tourism agencies should consider giving communication facilities to theircustomers. Tourists expect standard food and lodging facilities. Tourism involves person ofdifferent cultures and diverse values (Mahrous & Hassan, 2016). It’s about knowing aboutdifferent places, people and understands their way of life. In this essay, the importance TheRocks will be evaluated as tourist spot. An urban locality, The Rock is a famous tourist precinctspot situated in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Its surroundings are maintained by thelocal government of the area. Tourists from all over the world come to The Rocks to enjoy theattractions of this place (Wu et al. 2016). Tourism system of The Rocks makes huge financialcontribution to the economy of the New South Wales. Government is making considerableefforts to enhance the attraction of this place. Key points of the Local Attractions:Tourists from all over the world search for the following attractions of The Rocks. Travelindustry should understand reason why travelers prefer to come to visit The rocks and what arethe reasons restraining them from coming to The Rocks (Gong & Tung, 2017). Aboriginal Art Galleries: Authentic Artworks, ceramics, artefacts, etc.
Figure 1: Aboriginal Art GalleriesBangarra Dance Theatre: Attracts theatre lovers. Contemporary drama performancesFigure 2: Bangarra Dance TheatreBass & Flinders Cruises: Tourists enjoy Boat trips on Sydney Harbour along with the cruisefacilities (Home - The Rocks. 2017)

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