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Theory of IntelligenceNameSubmitted toDate1
Theory of IntelligenceIntelligence is the most researched subject in psychology. Intelligence is not reflected by theacademic performance or bookish knowledge. Intelligence is somewhat how easily a personsolves different problems, how they think abstractly, plan and the ability of reasoning. It is theability of a person to think rationally, deal effectively and act purposefully (Wechsler, D., 2014)We can recognize intelligence by keeping a wide range of points into account. One is thesimple high IQ test score and the low EQ test but is not the only key to be an intelligent person(Noordin, M. F., & Karim, Z. A., 2014, November). We can conclude by checking a person'slearning, retention and execution ability in a best or worst possible way. A person may beintelligent in different ways for example, someone can be emotionally intelligent; i.e. the abilityof a person to deal or react in a stressful condition. Other non-intellectual achievements are alsoa blink to high intelligence such as longer and happier relation, creative and artistic intelligence,socioeconomic status etc. personality traits like self-control, prudence and risk taking actionsalso reveal the intelligence level.On company my personal theory with the Charles Spearman theory which talked aboutthe concept of General Intelligence (g factor), confirmed the point that some mental aptitudetest’s score can confirm the intelligence status of a person. Similarly, Louis L. Thurstone clearsthe term that only the single IQ test doesn't determine whether a person is intelligent rather aperson may show intelligence in different areas as numerical, reasoning, verbal, spatialvisualization and many other. Also, Robert Sternberg explained the triarchic theory ofintelligence which include three factors of intelligence that are analytical intelligence which isdirectly related to problem-solving ability, creative intelligence involves the capability of a2
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