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This is a Nursing Practice 5 (NPU3505) reflective essay assignment of Edith Cowan University for therapeutic nursing care year-2 students.

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Running head: THERAPEUTIC NURSINGTHERAPEUTIC NURSINGName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1THERAPEUTIC NURSINGIntroduction:Reflective practice can be defined as the procedure by which healthcare professionals areseen to make sense of events as well as different situations and actions in the workplace (Ware,2017). This reflective mode of practice helps nurses to learn from their mistakes and thereby trytheir best to develop the skills that would help them to excel in their professional lives (Jones etal., 2017). In this assignment, I will use the Gibbs model of reflection in order to reflect on thevideo that has been provided in the assignment and critique about the care that has been providedto the patient by the nursing student.Gibbs reflection model:Description:I was provided with a reflective assignment where I needed to watch a video and therebyreflect upon the skills that were portrayed by a nurse during his interaction with the patient. Theassignment was mainly based on evaluation of our understanding of the two important standardsmentioned in the NMBA codes of conduct of nurses that are standard number 2. I had watchedthe video and analysed the entire situation. The video has shown a nurse who had successfullybeen able to establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient and both of them werecomfortable in each other’s presence. The video has clearly shown the nurse to take permissionfrom the patient before conducting his vital signs and the patient had been compliant with thenurse and helped him to take the measurements accurately. While communicating, the nurse hadbeen successfully able to engage the patient in an interactive session that had made the patientquite comfortable in his presence. However according to my view, I believe that the nurse couldhave shown more empathy and compassion to the patient while communication was being
2THERAPEUTIC NURSINGcarried on. When the patient was discussing about the stay in the hospital and his conditionpresently, the nurse was only seen to reply in “ok” and continue with his vital sign measurement.The nurse could have handled this portion more successfully. However, he had been able tocommunicate with the patient and develop a therapeutic relationship by his effectivecommunication skills.Feeling:I feel that the video was helpful as it shows the procedure by which a nursingprofessional should be following the standard 2 of NMBA codes of conduct. The nursingprofessional had been successfully able to engage the patient in an effective communication withhim. I was quite overwhelmed to see how effectively the nurse was able to interact with thepatient and at the same time conduct his assessments successfully together. This video wasindeed an extraordinary one as it exactly showed how a nursing professional should have aprofessional behaviour and attitude that helps the patient to rely on the nursing professional andthereby be comfortable in the presence of the nursing professional. The nurse was not only gentleand calm in his approach; he was also confident and approached the patient in a respectablemanner. This made me develop respect for the nursing professional, as he had been able toengage the patient and develop a therapeutic relationship with him. Evaluation:The good part was that the nurse was kind and gentle with the patient throughout theentire phase of communication. .The standard 2 of in NMBA standards of professional practiceof nurse’s state that every nurse should communicate effectively with the patient in a respectfulmanner so that the dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights of the patients are given importance

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