Case Study of Aldgate Residential Care Home

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There are different responsibilities of stakeholders in order to maintain proper working style.For instance: if a disabled lady is not able to work on its own, then it is responsibility of takecare to provide appropriate meal, medicines, etc. They are responsible to treat them in goodmanner. Client is also stakeholder for Aldgate Residential Care Home. So there are somespecific laws which assist in taking care them. When visitors come to visit customers, then it must be properly recorded. There must be properroom where visitor and customer can talk. As per legal norms, managers of social care homedeposit legal identity of visitors. This approach is safe and relevant for maintaining good cultureand environment. As per case study of Aldgate Residential Care Home, there is impropermaintenance of record which affects working style and legal norms of health and social careassociation. In health and social care, there are different aspects which has to be considered by managers oforganisation. Managers of Aldgate Residential Care Home prioritise their operations in order toserve society. Some of the health and security aspects are discussed as under-Manual Handling:Manual handling means actions which requires pressure, lifting, weight-age,etc. This is required with disabled or old age people. They require support to stand, walk, etc. Risk Assessment: There are some changes which has to be done in working style, so risk ofbeing evaluated is more. Managers of Aldgate Residential Care Home must provide training totheir staff so they have information related to latest trends and appropriate perform operations. Reporting of Injuries, diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR):As per this law, managers of health and care organisation must work to reduce possibilities ofinjuries, danger of death. Hence they are response to report to legal authority in case of anyhazardous event.Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH): As per this act, legalNorms are taken in order to control possibilities of accidents. This is relevant and significant formaintaining proper working style according to external environment. When proper measures aretaken, then possibilities of strict action against Aldgate Residential Care Home are less. Safety aids- First aid security is first and foremost requirement in health and care organisation.In case any miss- happen occurs, then customer must be treated with first aid facility. Thisreduces possibilities of situation become adverse. For instance: at Aldgate Residential CareHome woman is suffering from skin diseases but organiser does not take acre her. Security systems- Security aspects must be kept in mind by managers of health care sector.There must be proper lock, CCTV camera, safe campus, almirah lock system. Aldgate Residential Care Home is working with around 40 individuals for taking care them. Thereare different laws which provide information related to working style of social and health acreorganisation. With these laws, there is synchronisation in working style of employees. This isrelevant and crucial for providing up to the mark services. Some of the laws are discussed as under-Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981- As per this act, managers of Aldgate ResidentialCare Home must provide first aid facility to consumer if they are suffering from illness. There mustbe proper management of first aid facility. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974- As per this law, there is requirement of proper facilities suchas proper ventilation, light, etc. This helps to maintain physical health of patients as well asemployees of health and social organisation. These laws are important and relevant because this provides knowledge about legal polices whichhas to be followed by Aldgate Residential Care Home. In order to communicate these laws managersof social and health organisation must organise meetings, conferences, notice broad, official mails,etc. This assist in maintaining good communication within organisation maintain safety aspects ofcustomers as well as employees.Apart from delivering information within organisation, there is requirement of transferringinformation from health care department to different social organisations. There are different partieswhich are involved in this process. There are many parties involved in health and care organisation. Stakeholders are the people who aredirected or in directed related to business operations. Examples: Customers, employees, employers,contractor, visitors, contractor, etc. Managers are responsible to deal with them through propercommunication. Health and Safety in the Health and Social CareWorkplace

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