Different Types of Learning Styles - Assignment

Added on - Dec 2020

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There are various learning styles but not all the styles aresuitable for all the people. There are following 4 type oflearning styles:Visual learning style -In the visual learning pictures,images, videos and any other graphical diagram areused to learn or to explain any concept.Aural learning style - In this style any type of audioclip of the concept or the author is to be used. Studentslearn and study through listening.Kinaesthetic learning style -In this learning stylepeople or students learn through their own experienceand by doing things own by own.Interpersonal learning style - In this learning stylepeople or students prefer to learn in the group or withother people.Intra personal learning style -In this style studentsand people set their individual goals and learn betterwhen they are alone. And always prefer to learn andstudy individually.INTRODUCTIONStudents need wide rage of resources for their learning and study. There are number ofresources which Categorised into two areas: 1) Technical 2) AcademicDifferent learning stylesExplains the key resources available to facilitate own learning and studyKey resources for own Learning and StudyTechnical- The technical sections includes the resources like education apps,websites, internet, online courses, DVDs, CDs, webcast, television shows andmany more resources are available which enhance the learning and study skills.These can be used anywhere and anytime when needed and provide every type ofinformation regarding learning.Academic - The academic section includes resources like workbook, textbooks,worksheet, study guides, teacher guides, educator workshop, references books etc.With the hep of these academic resources anyone can learn and study. Theses arethe resources that can be available easily and will help to improve study skills andguide in learning and study.
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