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Custom Constructed Wind Augmentation Shroud To Improve Efficiency Of Power Output

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Custom Constructed Wind Augmentation Shroud To Improve Efficiency Of Power Output_1
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONAlternative sources of energy are vital for application of efficient power sourcesin the future. The other sources such as fossil fuel are reducing at a very high rate andcausing issues such as environmental degradation and global warming. Creation ofbetter ways of generating energy as well as utilising renewable and clean energy shouldbe highly invested on. Among others, innovations in wind energy have been developingrapidly and are expected to play a fundamental role in the field of energy (Isensee &Abdul, 2012). However, a comparative study between the rate of using wind power andthe overall demand for energy is still subtle especially the level of development isnegligible in the remote area.Remote areas suitable for the development of wind power plants, complexterrains and the turbulent nature of the local winds are affecting the installation of windturbines. Therefore, the introduction of new and innovative wind energy systems thatproduce high output regardless of the wind speed and patterns are desired.It is imperative to understand better various ways of improving the efficiency ofwind turbines, as well as bringing down the cost to an economical level. The cost of oiland other non-renewable resources are on the rise every day (Carroll, 2014). Improvingthe efficiency of wind turbines helps in reducing the energy limits being experiencedtoday. In the future, turbines will be able to harness more energy from the wind withlimited technological improvements.A considerable number of high-efficiency turbines lowers the cost of energy as wellas generate power at a lower cost. Wind shroud system is one of the major techniques2
Custom Constructed Wind Augmentation Shroud To Improve Efficiency Of Power Output_2
that can be utilized to improve the efficiency of the turbines. The wind shroud systemshave a duct that surrounds the blades that increase the cross-sectional area of flowingwind. The resultant sub-atmospheric pressure within the duct draws more air throughthe turbine blades and hence providing more power to be generated compared to thetraditional turbines (Bet & Grassman, 2013).Generation of wind power is proportional to the speed of wind cubed (Phillips,2003). Therefore, an increase in output is caused by the possibility to increase the speedof the wind and using the wind fluid dynamic around the structure, the output of powerof the wind turbines can be increased considerably. Even though there have been somestudies on shrouded wind systems reported, it has not provided attractive subjectsconventionally( Çetin, Yurdusev, Ata, & Ozdamar ,2006).In most of the recent studies, the focus concentrated on the techniques used toconcentrate the wind in the duct with a wide open angle, and a boundary segmentcontrolled with a number of flow slots is used in order to concentrate the flow that goesinside the surface of the duct. Therefore, the technique of using boundary segmentsreduces the loss of pressure through flow separation and increasing the mass flowwithin the conduit.Based on this concept, a company in New Zealand developed the Vortex 7 diffuseraugmentation turbine (Abe, at al., 2006). They utilized a slotted duct that would helpprevent separation within the duct. Additionally, they built a ring profiled structure inthe wide opening of the turbine. It was reported that the new modified structureincreased Power output due to the wing system by a factor of 1.8 compared to the bareturbines (Abe, at al., 2006). Even though there have been, other ideas being reported,most of them are yet to reach commercialization.3
Custom Constructed Wind Augmentation Shroud To Improve Efficiency Of Power Output_3
The primary objective of the present study concerning developing a wind systemwith higher output is determining the best way to harness wind energy in a moreefficient way as well as the right shroud that can be used to generate energy moreefficiently. As an alternative, the shrouded wind system technology might provideenergy to areas with turbulent wind patterns as well as other remote areas, whereelectricity is yet to be installed. In fact, shrouded wind systems are an attractivealternative for the developing market especially for areas that lack electricity or areaswith energy deficiency.Shrouded wind systems have many advantages over the bare turbines. The newlyinnovated turbines are easy to install since they have a shorter construction period thatis extending the utility grid line. This turbine technology has been reported to be lessercomplex to construct (Hirahara, Hossain, Kawahashi & Nonomura, 2005). As for thereasons, local manufacturing is usually a preferred option in remote areas or developingareas that could, in turn, boost economic development as well as reducing the cost ofproduction.This model of turbine technology would also increase the wind velocity through theblades which include small inlet shroud and a diffuser. A low-pressure area is usuallygenerated behind the diffuser as vortices are created. Not only there is a hugedevelopment in the wind industry in regard to power production through the windturbines, but also on the effectiveness of the turbines used. Recent research shows thatresearcher is looking for much better ways of improving and increasing theeffectiveness and applicability of the present wind turbines (Hirahara, et al., 2006).4
Custom Constructed Wind Augmentation Shroud To Improve Efficiency Of Power Output_4

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