Wind Augmentation Shroud to Improve Efficiency

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THESIS PROPOSALA COMPARATIVE STUDY AND DESIGN OF CUSTOM CONSTRUCTED WINDAUGMENTATION SHROUD TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY OF POWER OUTPUT(May 2017)Sumanth Yanamala, B.Tech., JNTUChairman of Advisory Committee: Dr. Ulan DakeevIntroductory ParagraphThe Wind is one of the consistently happening and normally accessible sources to the mankindfor creating energy.Itis one of the most abundantly available form of renewable energy whichcan be utilized to generate electricity.Wind force is the utilization of wind stream through windturbines to mechanically control generators for power.Wind is one of the best alternative forfossil fuels to produce energy.Unlikefossil fuels, wind is clean, renewable, sustainable andmost importantly it is widely distributed. Wind energy doesn’t produce harmful and cause globalwarming. The wind energy is very environmental friendly and less problematic than fossil fuelsor othernonrenewable powers.Background of the ProblemThe world is experiencing excessive demand for energy due to the rapid economic growth andindustrialization. There is a huge increase in the consumption of fossil fuel to produce energy.The global Carbon dioxide content in the environment has up scaled from 280 ppm in the pre-industrialization era to 400 ppm in May 2013.This report shows a 39 percent increase in theCarbon dioxide emissions to the environment. Recent reports submitted by National Oceanic and
atmospheric administration (NOAA) on March 7, 2016, the global CO2content in theenvironment was 399.29 ppm in January 2015 which increased to 402.59 ppm in January 2016.The negative effects of the fossil fuels emitting CO2and harmful toxic gasses, continuousincrease in the prices of fossil fuels and heavy consumption leading to depletion of resources forfuture generations, most parts of the world have shown a keen interest in wind energytechnologies to produce power. Impressive characteristics of the wind and its abundant nature areattracting the world to see wind energy as the best means of the source to generate electricity.Statement of the ProblemA traditional wind turbine captures only 59.3% of the energy in the wind, a value called BetzLimit. With the increase in demand for a cleaner energy, I considered improvising the existingwind turbine by surrounding it with a shroud that diverts the air through the blades and speed itup, which increases power production. I propose that with the installation of shroud and a windguide attachment inside it, the wind turbine will be able to capture 70% of the energy in the windwhich helps in increasing the efficiency of power output.Purpose of the studyThe purpose of the research is to develop a wind shroud with best efficiency in generatingpower. A wind turbine system is developed with a shroud and a wind guide attachment to allowthe airflow towards the wind turbine for a greater output of power. Different sizes of windshrouds with varying inlet angles and shapes of wind guide attachments are designed andanalyzed to determine the optimal design of shroud. Furthermore, an analysis is performed on thelocation and slant angle of the wind guide attachment situated inside the wind augmentationshroud to improve the efficiency of the turbine. The designing process is done through Creo
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