Third Party Report - RPL Process

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CPPCLO3009Clean glass surfacesTHIRDPARTYREPORTRPL PROCESS:Please read the followinginstructions beforecompleting this form1.RPL applications aremadeusingApplication for RPLform. This form isdesigned to map thestudent’s education,training, life and workcompetencies to theelements required ofthe unit and collectthe requiredevidence to prove thecompetencies.2.The followingsections of the formmust be completedby the applicant:ElementMapping &EvidenceSkillsMapping &EvidenceKnowledgeMapping &EvidenceRequiredEvidenceMappingEvidence List3.Describe how youmeet the statedcriteria, skill orknowledge. Evidenceis required for allelements, skills,knowledge andrequired evidence.Attach this evidenceto this form and refer
CPPCLO3009Clean glass surfacesTHIRDPARTYREPORTto the attachments as“Attachment A”,Attachment B” etc.4.This form along withthe requiredevidence is to besubmitted directly tothe assessor or toFrontier Training &Technology via mailto 735 Pascoe ValeRoad VIC 3046 or viaemail to5.An appointedassessor will assessthe RPL applicationand the evidenceprovided.6.The assessor willmakeanappointment toreview the RPLapplication form andthe evidenceprovided with thelearner, gatheringmore evidence ifrequired. Theassessor will providefeedback to thelearner on theoutcome of the RPLapplicationimmediately.7.If successful, a copyof the RPL applicationwill be stored withthe student file andthe RPL decision willbe reflected on thetraining plan andstudent records.8.Students may use theComplaints andAppeals Policy and
CPPCLO3009Clean glass surfacesTHIRDPARTYREPORTProcedure ifdissatisfied with theoutcome of the RPLapplication.Privacy StatementPersonal information iscollected solely for thepurpose of operating as aRegistered TrainingOrganisation under theAustralian QualityTraining Frameworkadministered by theVictorian Governmentwho are the registeringauthority.Therequirements of theregistering authority mayrequire the release ofyour personal informationfor the purposes of audit.Under the NationalPrivacy Principles, you canaccesspersonalinformation held on youand you may requestcorrectionstoinformation that isincorrect or out of date.
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