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Anthropologists' View on Technology and its Role in Human Evolution

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This article describes the views of anthropologists Leslie White, Gerhard Lehski, and Alvin Toffler on the evolution of technology and its role in human lives. White believes that technology creates an incentive to innovate and diversifies human thinking. Lehski believes that technology is the key factor in improving human life and can be continuously developed through innovation. Toffler regards technology as a key factor in social change and the industrialization project of technology. The article concludes that technology is necessary for human survival and helps convert energy into usable forms.
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This article describes about the view on technology of three anthropologist namely Leslie White, Gerhard Lehski and Alvin Toffler, they have diverse view over the evolution of technology and the role of technology in changing human lives, As per White technology has created an incentive to innovate, as per Gerhard technology has been the key criteria to improve the human life and similarly as per Alfred Toffler Technology always have futuristicview and is necessary to move into the future because without technology earth will not have enough resources to evolve in futureAs per Leslie White human evolution is dependent on the evolution of technology, technology create incentive to innovate and it diversifies the human thinking to thrive for technology. As per Leslie white there are several subsystem of culture,First is social subsystem which correlates to interpersonal relations that are expressed as various patterns of behaviourSecond social sub system is ideological in which knowledge, ideas and beliefs are expressed in ideological form.Third is sentimental in which feelings and beliefs are expressed in subjective form, attitudes are also covered in subjective form.All these subsystem are supported by technological subsystem which comprises of material, mechanical and chemical equipment along with information generation, these subsystems of technology transform the energy in to one form into the other usable forms.It is very important for us to understand that technology enhances the efficiency through which energy is harnessed and losses are minimum in transformation of energy and thus the need energy need of human population is satisfied.
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