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Procurement Strategy for Construction Projects: Design-Build vs Design-Bid-Build vs Construction Management

Added on -2019-09-22

This section discusses the different procurement strategies for construction projects, including design-bid-build, design-build, and construction management. It explains the risks associated with each strategy and suggests that design-build is the suitable strategy for fast-tracking projects. The section also recommends the Admeasurement contract type and explains the two forms of this contract that clients can choose from.
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This section is concerned with understanding the preferred procurement strategy that can utilizedto the project under consideration. The type of contract that should be undertaken has been suggested along with the way contract needs to be managed during the development and construction.There can be variety of strategies that can be considered for the construction and, therefore it is imperative to suggest the one that is cost effective and respects project schedule. Moreover, the learning curve within the construction projects is generally steep and in such cases management of cost becomes beneficial.There are certain risks that need to be addressed while selecting the right procurement strategy (Sutton, 2013). The risks associated with the costs or the delivery is core to the construction projects. There are three criteria that are interdependent and are of major concern with the construction projects, namely, costs, time, and quality.The three most common procurement strategies for the construction project are design-bid-build,design-build, and construction management. The design-bid-build helps the sponsors in achieving cost certainty related to the project design. The process in this strategy is sequential (Dada, 2013). The design-build strategy is related to the cost and speed. However, the design of the project is majorly associated with the contractor. In this strategy, the ongoing design can be matched with the ongoing construction simultaneously. The final strategy, management construction, provides enough speed for the project. However, one can find minimum certainty as per the cost is concerned.

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