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This site is all about providing best source of entertainment for our visitors. In this site there are videos, music and all other source of entertainment. The best part is that visitors not only watch thatitem also they can rate and review on that, so that everyone can share their opinion on the site and you can see other person opinions. This website has many interactive features such as-On user study page visitor can watch that item that are listed there and also he or she can rate and review that, and also they can read other review, it is a very interactive feature to increase the number of visitors beacuse in that way visitor are also play a major role to devlope that page and fora new visitor came it will became very easy to choose the best item. This is develop with the help ofhtml and css by putting all the rating and review alongside of the item. In this particular site we use a way that we put item on the left side and rating and review of that particular item on the the left side of that item.On contact us page there is a form in which user have to fill its personel details and any query and after submitting the details we will contact him. This is a attractive feature for visitor because here in that form visitors can ask us any type of query, they can suggest us something to make our site better or implementing a new functionality to the website or complaint aganist a different user etc etc. This functionality is implemented using the the tables in html in which there is text in one coloum and text box in another coloum and in last their is submit button where user can submit its own filled form.On the index page there is text written over their Change View by clicking on that text the view of page becomes different. There is two type of view on this page horizontal and vertical. By default the view is horizontal, by clicking on that text it will change to the horizontal and if we again click on that text, page view will be back to horizontal. This is interactive feature because user can see more than one view on the same page. This is done with the help of css and javascript. By clicking on the text a javascript function calls to change the view, in that function if the horizontal view is active than it will inactive it an active the vertical view and vice-versa.
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