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This template must be used to answer the case study.(Please type your answers within the box underneath each question)Student name (LAST NAME first name):Student number:Campus:Tutorial session (time and room no.):Tutor’s name:1.Physiological basis of the wound observations (Total: 10 marks)2.The physiological basis represents a broad examination of administration of service userssuffering from functional immobilisation because of injury, disorder or trauma. In ac cordancewith case study, it is determined that Mary, a 21 year old lady was admitted to hospital in theemergency department with an infected laceration on her left foot. It was analysed that theservice user has sustained a deep 2 cm long jagged laceration over the lateral aspect of her leftfoot. The lacerations are basically caused by sharp objects. A deep cut may be caused becauseof underlying tissues like fattening of muscle or bone (Bullock & Manias, (2017). The woundwas found to be extremely swollen and also had a purulent discharge. On inspection, thepatients wound was found to be red and warm when being touched. All these are the majorsigns and symptoms of wound infection.Purulent discharge is a liquid which sludge from a wound. This fluid is often green,yellow or white in colour(Marieb & Hoehn, 2016). It is the outcome of dilating blood vesselswhich is often seen at the initial level of healing. A wound swab of Mary was also taken forculture and sensitivity. Wound culture is basically a sample of liquid which is been taken fromthe wound and given in lab in order to know about the bacteria which is the reason behindinfection. Redness and warmness in wound shows that her left foot is severely infected whichis extremely painful(Craft & Gordon 2015).If the wound in patient continues to be red than it is a major symptom for lymphangitis, inwhich service user is at risk of developing wound infection. The patient is more likely to sufferfrom infection if the cut is large and deep(Marieb & Hoehn, 2016). Moreover, it is risky ifcaused by a jagged or harmful objects such as mirror, broken glass, etc. The breakdown of skinbecause of wound infection also weakens the body's immune system and raises other problemslike inflammation and damage to tissue within the skin (Craft & Gordon (2015). This can alsoslowdown the healing of wound and may hamper patients growth. Mary can suffer frominfected wound because of bacterial colonisation arising from viruses which lies inside thebody parts or outside environment.3.Possible sources of contamination and modes of transmission (Total: 10 marks)3.1Name one endogenous source of contaminationand discuss the mode oftransmission from the source to the new host.(5 marks)Endogenous infection is a disease which occur in case where microbes of normal bacteria florapaves a way in sterile part of body that is muscle or brain. It may be seen in Mary because ofbroken tissue and can make patients’ immune system weak.Bacterial flora is one endogenoussource of contamination (Marieb & Hoehn, 2016).The endogenous source of contamination
when the patients own immune system is being compromised during surgery or impairment inblood. It can happen when a dormant pathogen reactive in service users body and infect thehost. In order to cure these antibacterials can be given to patient which can help them infighting against the viruses This infection can also be caused because of contamination ofsurgical wards that directly links various virus to human body and make them infected (Craft& Gordon, (2015).The mode of transmission from the source to the new can be through human reservoirs. Itoccurs when the bacteria leaves its reservoirs through portal of exist and enters into patientsbody with the help of some way of transmittance(Marieb & Hoehn, 2016). It can also enterservice users body by portal of entry in order to infect a hyper-sensitized host. Name oneexogenous source of contamination and discuss the mode of transmission from the source tothe new host.(5 marks)3.2Name one exogenous source of contamination and discuss the mode oftransmission from the source to the new host.(5 marks)An exogenous source is that type of infection which develops infectious bacteria fromanywhere outside to inside the human body.Infected handkerchief is one exogenous sourceof contamination.It has been noted that the most of the time the infection is been transmittedthrough person to person, through outside environment or from animal to human(Craft &Gordon, 2015).Like for example the exogenous source of contamination in Mary is outsideenvironment, as she has suffered injury because of getting hurt from sharp edge of a glassbottle. These sources can hamper the health and well-being of patient and can also, slow-down the healing process of wounds. These infections can act as a challenge for health-careprofessionals and nurses (Basil, & Levy , 2016).The mode of transmission from the source to new host can be either throughinanimate objects like handkerchief which has been used by Mary (Lee & Bishop (2016). Itmight happen that the handkerchief of patient carries pathogens of bacteria that directlyattacks the susceptible host. A patient suffering from exogenous infections may be treated byproviding them antibacterials. This may help them in healing the wounds and enhance theirwell-being4.Rationale for choices of antibiotics (Total 10 Marks)4.1Rationale for the stat dose of ceftriaxone administered IVI immediately.(3 marks)It was analysed that Mary after suffering from injury was immediately given ceftriaxone 1gram and was administered IVI. The rationale for imparting this medication is in order to
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