Threat Model for IIL Location Intelligence | Report

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Running head: THREAT MODELIIL LIPPA Project Threat ModelName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1THREAT MODEL1. Introduction The primary purpose of the report is to prepare a threat model for IIL LocationIntelligence for Policy Profile Assessment (LIPPA) Project. The threat model identifies majorthreats that have significance over the LIPPA project and RAP application utility (Miller &Ager, 2013). This model clearly relates identified threats along with specific security,performance, and cost consideration.2. Application of LIPPA Project: DescriptionRAP (Risk Analysis Project) application is the foremost and existing Risk Analysis andImpact Analytics service provider to IIL. RAP is hosted to virtual in-house platform in IIL Datacenter. This particular risk analytics solution is effective for defining singular platform withsupporting enormous amount of generated data from in-house and cloud platforms. 3. Threat Identification and DefinitionThe threat identification and definition is discussed as following: 1.Storage Threat: The storage requirement is primarily 10 TB and later it isestimated that 10 TB backup storage is required for extension of database (Olivo,Santin & Oliveira, 2013). Therefore, backup storage should be attached withexisting storage of database; otherwise chance of losing data exists.2.Security Threat: Big data should be implemented in this scenario, for cloudstorage security options. Henceforth, the threat exists under the circumstance of

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