Three Key Areas for Cyber Security


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THREE KEY AREAS FOR FUTURE EXPLORATION 1.Use of Access ControlsImplementation of access control on my device can be another security area. For example securing the personal data like social media passwords, account information, sensitive bank information stored in the device, other information like images, chats etc. This can be done when try to implement access control on individual applications via application locking tools or procedures. These ensure that the application and the data within them is secure and not misused intentionally or unintentionally. 2.Detailed Log creationLogging can be another area for exploration which can help in guarding against the cyber threats. We can maintain the cyber security if we implement logs and record the internet activity. This can be done by adding tools to the device which maintains the logs. So now wherever an attack takes places or any intrusion, such addresses can be traced and blocked. Thus we will be able to track any security holes in application and hence can be secured against any such internet threats. Also we cab patch up such holes and maintain a security protocol. 3.Use of firewallsWe can use firewalls to guard our private network against malicious users. The malicious IP address we find via logging can be blocked in future via firewalls. Or we can even block other website URLs, pop ups, ads etc. which can be used for social engineering or phishing. Firewalls implementation cab be done by installing anti-virus software or other specialized firewall tools. Alsothey can filter every message packet, hence making it sure that only secure and safe messages reach the message.
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