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Title. Earth circumnavigation monitoring website. Keywo

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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TitleEarth circumnavigation monitoring websiteKeywordsDatabase, Web-based interface, 2D graphicsAbstract‘True circumnavigation of the Earth must: start and finish atthe same point, traveling in one general direction, reach twoantipodes, cross the equator, cross all longitudes, cover aminimum of 40,000km..' Explorers Web AdentureStats,2007.The first circumnavigation passing through antipodal pointswas completed in 1522 by 18 members of FerdinandMagellan’s expedition to find a route to the Spice Islands bysailing west.The aim of this project is to create a web site where moderntime world explorers (the general public) can store theirjourneys, plot them on a world map and get informationregarding completion of their own circumnavigation of theglobe, such as number of antipode pairs of points visited,crossings of the equator, tropics and longitudes and milecoverage.Outcomes andDeliverablesAn online database system that enables ‘explorers’ tostore their journeysA 2D graphic interface that allows both plotting anddrawing journeys on a world mapA system calculating the different indicators associatedto true circumnavigation, includingnumber of antipodepairs of points visited, crossings of the equator, tropics andlongitudes and mile coverageOptional: calculation of the shortest journey allowingcompletion of circumnavigation
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