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Title of the Research ProjectBanding Category: Amber (Other Research involving human participants) – Primary researchthrough Questionnaire Surveys and Skype Interviews and Secondary Research through literature review. Ethical Sensitivity is to be mentioned in both the cases. Research Methods Deductive research done in two portions – firstly, primary qualitative research to be conducted on 5 company executives through Skype interviews and secondly, primary quantitative research to be conducted on 50 employees of Diageo having more than 2 years work experience with the company! Based on the primary research findings and secondary research (Literature Review) findings, the final inference will be drawn. Research Data will be collected through – Skype (for personal interviews) and recorded for further analysis. Questionnaire data will be collected as the respondents will be requested to send back their answers through email, and then data analysis will be done. Both the data for qualitative and quantitative data will be stored in the laptop. Post analysis, the data will be deleted permanently. Anonymity will be maintained, as during the consent form, only permission would be taken, and the individual names of the respondents for both the research will not be recorded and their specific designations will also not be recorded. Specific questions dealing with their job roles will also not be asked. Data Destruction: Post research analysis and report writing, data will be permanently deleted from the laptop and no evidence will be stored. Ethical Considerations -Primarily, the aim and the implications of the research will be conveyed to the potential respondents through the email. And the scope for this research will also be mentioned

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