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TLM Agency, Inc.Company DescriptionTLM Agency, Inc. is a full service advertising, marketing, public relations and special events agency, specializing in entertainment, fashion, hospitality, corporate and brand identity. Our goal is to create an experience that goes beyond expectations by developing an advertising and marketing strategy that identifies the needs and meeting the objective of the task at hand. We aim to connect the brand and the consumer by offering integrated solutions that can help in creating brand awareness among clients. Conveniently located in the Washington, DC area, the company was founded by Tanesha L. Matthews in March 2016, who had a vision to create a brand marketing agency due to her experience assisting friends in the entertainment industry with several ideas from street marketing, advertising and promotions. TLM agency focus is to create campaigns and special events that strengthens the image and brands of our clients.Mission StatementTLM Agency, Inc. mission is to provide results-oriented advertising, marketing, public relations designed to meet clients’ objective by providing strong marketing concepts and excelling at customer service.We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients.We desire to measure success for clients through awareness, increased sales and other criteria mutually agreed upon our agency and the client.We’re committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish by delivering measurable results for a variety of clients.Product and ServicesAll services for Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations will be based upon client’s advertising efforts, size, campaigns and marketing budgets.Advertising and Marketing service prices will be at a fixed-fee or project based price by estimating the cost of the project times the number of hours required for the project and the hourly rate of the agency. The fixed amount will be 50% upfront with the final amount due at the completion of the project. TLM Agency, Inc. standard rate is $125 per hour.Public Relations service prices will be based upon the scope of the campaign and the client. Prices varies ranging from $125 per hour to $500 per hour. TLM Agency, Inc. does offer a standard monthly retainer of $500.00 per month. Rates can be adjusted on all services based upon the client’s needs.Special Events service prices will be at a fixed-fee or project based price based upon the client’s needs and event’s budget. The fixed-fee will be estimated by the number of hours required times

the agency standard hourly rate. The fixed amount will be 50% upfront and the final amount due48 hours prior to the event. TLM Agency, Inc. standard rate is $125 per hour.Developments to DateSince founded in March 2016, TLM Agency has not begun operation fully at this time however, we’ve worked on some small advertising and marketing campaigns such as assisting the owner of the alcohol brand “Erotique Liqueur” with marketing and promotions in and around the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. We also worked with a well-known celebrity on their existing clothing line pitching new ideas for their Women’s Active wear line. To date, we’ve also represented several clients in brand marketing, promotions and public relations services. TLM Agency, Inc. anticipates an official launch as of July 1, 2017.Legal Status and OwnershipTLM Agency, Inc. is owned and operated by Tanesha L. Matthews, CEO. TLM Agency is registered in the District of Columbia as an S-corp. TLM Agency, Inc. does offer equity to potential investors.Company Strengths and Strategic PositionHere at TLM Agency, Inc. we always seek breakthrough results that transform our services into powerfully positive and new ways. We demonstrate time and again the value of advertising and marketing through ROI and measurement because we aim to deliver the top-tier services that ourclients hope for and should expect. We’re consistent in meeting very high client expectations and our clients will always know where they stand. We consistently find and fuel interest and credibility for our clients by keeping them up to date with the latest industry trends, while producing successful services. We’re in the business at building long-term relationships and programs that work.

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