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School Research Ethics Committee Application

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Added on  2023-01-06

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This document provides information and instructions for completing the School Research Ethics Committee Application form for ethical approval for a research project. It includes details on the submission process, required documents, and ethical considerations. The document also includes a participant information letter and consent form.

School Research Ethics Committee Application

   Added on 2023-01-06

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School Research Ethics Committee Application Front Sheet
Business Department
Revised June 2016
Field Name Details to complete
Student Number(s)
Programme Tourism Management
Module Code TM6106
Project Title
Research Project
Project Supervisor/Tutor
Please confirm that you completed the form
based on your supervisor or tutor instructions
and recommendations.
I confirm that I have completed the form based on my
supervisor or tutor instructions and recommendations
What form of primary data collection will your
project involve? Use of questionnaire will be undertaken
Supervisor/TutorReview Decision (Not
completed by the student)
See the selected decision in Rubric
Supervisor/Tutor Review Comments and
Amendments Required for Resubmission (If
“Minor” or “Major”, Not completed by the
See the amendments required in the Feedback
Summary of your submission.
School Research Ethics Committee Application_1
Ethical Application for Undergraduate Projects and Postgraduate
Submission process:
o All applications should be submitted online through the Moodle site – Business
Research Ethics- Undergraduates (if you find that you do not have access to this
site immediately contactIT Service Desk and copy your supervisor or module leader
o All applications should be uploaded to the SREC Moodle Site to be reviewed or re-
reviewed and approved by your supervisor or module tutor.
o All applications for ethical approval must include the following:
A completed Application Form. This form includes five sections (A-E).
Please ensure that you answer all relevant questions and include the relevant
paperwork as requested.
Participant Information Letter (Appendix 1)
Relevant Consent/Assent Forms where appropriate (Appendix 2)
Where relevant, a Letter of Permission from the Host
Organisation/Business (this must be signed and/or in an email with a
verifiable email address).In the case of research in the NHS you must first
have clearance for the NHS research and development
If your project involves overseas travel it is also subject to ‘Overseas Travel
Approval’ and must be approved by the Head of Department or Head of
School. The student “Request to Travel” form is available on Moodle.
o Further details on UEL Research Ethics procedures can be found at:
NB: Please ensure that you have read the School Research Ethics Guidelines notes before
completing the form.
School Research Ethics Committee Application_2
Application for School Research Ethics Approval
Before completing this form, applicants should read the School Research Ethics Committee Guidance Notes. Sections A
to F of this form should not exceed 3 pages using 11pt font size.
1. Applicant Details
Student Name:
Student ID No:
Title of Course:Tourism Management
Dissertation/Project Module Code: TM6106 Research Project
Supervisor: Birte Schmitz
UEL Email address:
School Research Ethics Committee Application_3
2. Project Details
Dissertation/Project Title: TM6106 Research Project
Duration of Dissertation/Project:
From: 28th September 2020 to:6th May 2021
Project Rationale
Aim and objective
“To analyse the strategies for attracting consumers after COVID 19 in order to improve performance
and profitability of company. A study on Hilton.”
To understand the impact of COVID 19 over hospitality sector.
To evaluate the various strategies with help of which Hilton can attract consumer after
COVID 19 pandemic.
To examine the different challenges which Hilton might face at time of implementing and
attracting consumers.
To recommend some of the measures which will be assistive for Hilton in attracting
With respect to the current pandemic has affected the world economy to a great extent and especially
the hospitality sector. Hence, this is the major reason behind selection of the topic strategies for
attracting consumers as this will assist hotels in analysing ways to attract the consumers. This will in
turn assist hotel in increasing their knowledge relating to different types of the strategies which will
assist in improving sales of the company. also, the reason underlying the selection of this topic is
personal and academic interest of the researcher themselves.
Research type- The researcher has made use of qualitative type of research because it will
develop in- depth knowledge of theories relating to research topic
Research approach- Inductive approach is used as by this researcher will frame aim and
objectives relating to research topic and then try to achieve it.
Research philosophy- Use of interpretivism was undertaken as it includes integration of
interest of human into the research and its outcome.
Data collection- Mix of primary and secondary data was used in order to gather assimilate the
data. For primary source data will be gathered with help of questionnaire and for secondary
sources use of books, articles, journal and other will be made.
Sampling- 30 employees of marketing department of Hilton is used for collecting data by
Data analysis- The use of thematic analysis is undertaken by making charts, tables and graphs
and the result will be interpreted.
School Research Ethics Committee Application_4

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