To Analyze Groundwater Sustainability with Human Population

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To Analyze Groundwater Sustainability with Human Population Growth PurposeThe experiment was designed to analyze the groundwater sustainability in comparison to growing human population.IntroductionWith the increase in population and changing trends of lifestyle, the groundwater level has depleted to a marginal and crucial level due to mismanagement and have created an alarming state (Mays, 2013). The experiment addresses the need and experimental design to evaluate the groundwater level and predicting the sustainability and measures of prevention (Pandey, 2011). Hypothesis / Predicted OutcomeIt is assumed that that piezometer determines the accurate position of the water table.The piezometers are in direct contact with the water from bottom part inserted in the ground.The screen used is predicted to penetrate the water level.The above experiment design will help to assess the ground water level to maximum accuracy and will correspond to the type of measures implemented to conserve the same.MethodologyPiezometers were used to analyze groundwater level. It incorporates the use of pipe (<1 feet) (, 2017). This equipment may be screened or open from the terminal with the aim to determine the hydraulic head confined within aquifer zone. Formula to calculate depth of ground water = GaugereadingspecificweightofwaterResult / OutcomeCalculated Gauge reading = 10psiSpecific weight of water = 62.4 pcfPutting values in formula – 10 psi / 62.4 pcf = 23 feetpg. 1

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