To Ascertain the Impact of Using Mobile Applications

Added on - Sep 2020

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Research Title Approval FormStudent name and ID:Batch:Module:Tutor:AZDFSection A: To be completed by the StudentYou must complete all parts of Section A and percent to your lecturer for brief discussion andapproval of your proposed research before embaking on writing a full proposal.Title or working title of research project (in th form of a question, objectives orhypothesis):To ascertain the impact of using mobile applications on customer satisfaction level incar manufacturing company.Research project objectives (e.g. what is the question you want to answer?) Whatdo you want to learn how to do? What do you to find out?)To determine the importance of using mobile apps in Mercedes Benz.To analyse the implications of mobile apps on customers' buying behaviour.To determine influence of mobile application on customer satisfaction.Reason for choosing the project (e.g. links to other subjects you are studying,personal interest, future planes, why the topic is important):The reason behind selecting this research project is to gain knowledge about the mobileapplication. There is also my personal interest to conduct this investigation.What type of research approach and methodologies are you likely to use and why?Survey-Under this, data shows quantitative analysis because it is easy to gather data indetailed manner.I conform that the project is not work which has been or will be submitted for another
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