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To: Chief Executive Officer,.

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

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To:Chief Executive Officer,
Gentry Electronics
Report on Financial Performance Evaluation and Recommendation of
Organization Strategies
Prepared By: (The Student’s name) (Chief Finance Officer)
9thApril, 2022.
Executive Summary3
Financial Analysis5
Potential Remedies to the Problem7
Possible concerns to be raised by the management10
Company’s Risk10
Cooperate governance and ethics12
Executive Summary
Aim and Objectives
The aim of this report is to give a detailed analysis of the organization’s financial
maintenance. The report focused on the ideas of the CEO and the manager about the
The results of the financial analysis computed reviewed the arising threats in the
performance in the long run. The continuous reduction in profit is as a result of decline
in the profit (gross and net) particularly due to the increase in the cost of goods sold and
operating expenses that are inefficiently managed.
The financial ratios computed pictured show ill-performance over the last four year,
amongst all, the current ratio and quick ratio show a better performance.
The ideas given by the CEO and the manager brings the possibility of the company
facing financial and operating risks if such ideas are injected into the company. Those
ideas are also capable of raising cooperate governance issues in the area of proper
accountability and ethical issues such as window dressing which explains a way to
making the company’s structure expanding and as well makes the company problem
less obvious to notice.
Potential Remedies to Problems
Quality standards review of the company’s electronic products and varieties
Regional Positioning
Good marketing strategies
Value-Based Pricing Strategy
Disposal of Obsolete Inventory at discounted price
Reviewing of Rental or Storage Cost
Proper Planning and Forecasting
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