Circuit Board Tracing and Visualization


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To code your project: a.Complete the CircuitBoard constructor. oThe constructor should parse the input file and populate the char[][] board class variable. oAny formatting problems with the input file should cause an InvalidFileFormatException to be thrown, with appropriate messages to the user about the cause of the exception. b.Complete the CircuitTracer class. i.The class should: handle the command-line argumentsconstruct a CircuitBoard from the input filesearch for all optimal trace pathsreport the results according to the specified display modeii.The program requires three command-line arguments: 11First argument: -s -- use a stack for storage-q -- use a queue for storage11Second argument: -c -- run program in console mode-g -- run program in GUI mode . 11Third argument: name of the input file ii.Use conditional checks and exception handling toappropriately deal with input errors from the
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