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To code your project:a.Complete theCircuitBoardconstructor.oThe constructor should parse the input file andpopulate thechar[][] boardclass variable.oAny formatting problems with the input fileshould cause anInvalidFileFormatExceptionto bethrown, with appropriate messages to the userabout the cause of the exception.b.Complete theCircuitTracerclass.i.The class should:handle the command-line argumentsconstruct aCircuitBoardfrom the input filesearch for all optimal trace pathsreport the results according to the specifieddisplay modeii.The program requires three command-linearguments:11First argument:-s-- use a stack for storage-q-- use a queue for storage11Second argument:-c-- run program in console mode-g-- run program in GUI mode .11Third argument: name of the input fileii.Use conditional checks and exception handling toappropriately deal with input errors from the
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