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Importance of Ethics in Leadership and Society

Added on -2019-09-22

This article emphasizes the importance of ethics in leadership and society, highlighting the principles of honesty, integrity, and cooperation. It also discusses the need for a common set of morals to benefit the lives of people around us. The author suggests that a cooperative approach, along with maintaining professional principles and ethical codes, can help set a good example for others. References are provided to support the arguments presented.
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To me, the word ethics stands for the difference between right and wrong prescribing whatshould be done keeping in mind the obligations, fairness, benefits to the society, virtues ofloyalty, honesty and compassion. One of the most important principles that will allow the societyto work efficiently is honesty. (Murphy, K. R., 1993).Ethics strongly recommend a person andhis words to be followed by the action and to avoid obscuring of important facts so as not toharm humanity. (Taylor, J., 2013). Honesty will, in turn, lead to imbibing the value of integrityfor telling the truth even if it is not beneficial to us. (Macfarlane, B., 2004).And when thesevalues are paired with determination towards the common good of the society, best outcomescan be predicted (Epstein, R. A., 2009).People with a state of fear for the religion, government,etc. lead to war and rebellion. The individuals are opposed to the creation of armies andweapons. Therefore, everyone must work together in harmony to promote the right set of valuesin the society. This can only be possible by making sure that everyone has same morals, andthese morals must be promoted for benefiting the lives of people around us. (Gillon, R., 2003).Whenever I find myself to be having a position of leadership, I would go with the cooperativeapproach along with maintaining the professional principles equipped with the ethical code andmorals I believe in. This process will include pinpointing the violations of my co-members sothat I can set up a good example in front of the people.If I ever find myself in a position of leadership for a particular project or group, which ideally Iwould not since I prefer a cooperative approach, I should maintain the above professionalprinciples within this group. This includes pointing out violations and making sure I set a goodexample for the rest of the group.

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