Tolerance for Ambiguity in Daily Life


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Tolerance for ambiguity refers to the ability of the individual to respond to the external stimuli. These stimuli are the unexpected occurrences that an individual encounters in daily life. The tolerance for ambiguity helps understand the psychological construct of an individual (Bunder, 1962). The construct defines the way someone will respond to certain external stimulus. The opposite of tolerance for ambiguity is the intolerance for ambiguity where an individual perceives change as the source of threat. The individuals with the tendency of being intolerant towards ambiguous situations demonstrate various characteristics. They would prefer activities and situations that are familiar and constantly look for certainty (Renkelbrunswik, 1949). As per my assessment, it can be stated that my tolerance level is appreciable. I keep mixed perspective between ambiguous and certain situations. I prefer to plan for the weeks ahead while staying ready for any changes that can disrupt my planning. As per the Canada trip is concerned, I would have a minimal planning with a welcoming view for uncertain changes. I view change injobs reduces monotony and induces career growth. However, I would defer unnecessary career bouncing to build a better career. Moreover, another example can be my choice to open a business with high level of risk. I would prefer to open a business that provides at least a minimal level of certainty so that I don’t have to run home in few days. Also, I would not prefer to do a business that rarely carries a risk (riskless business is hypothetical) as chances of growth reduces. The presence of risks and uncertainty in any activity is directly proportional to the opportunity to grow in the same. Based on the discussions above, I would say that my tolerance for ambiguity is good and there will be situations in the future where I expect myself to do well despite no prior preparation.References
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