Top two workplace health and safety risks of CERA Company:-.

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Top two workplace health and safety risks of CERA Company:-The workplace should protect the employee against serious illness or injury caused by:-1) Exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances.2) Biological hazards and infectious diseases.Accompanying strategies to manage these risksThe HRM must properly manage the exposure to risks such as:-The working environment must be freed from exposure to hazardous substances.Determine the probability and proneness of harm caused by hazardous substances toemployees.Deciding the control measures on such harmful substances.Effectively and efficiently preventing the occurrence of incidents involving harmfulsubstances by putting control measures against them, followed by reviewing the controls.The topic describes the top two causes associated with the workplace health and safety risks. It isvery essential to protect employees from the risks caused due to hazards in the workplace thatcan cause real harm and prolonged suffering or might be death.Ways to deal with recruitmentThe recruiters in the HRM team must efficiently recruit the candidates in order to avoid risks andsluggishness in the recruitment process.To prevent this:-The HRM must improve their “Candidate Pool” at the time of recruiting employees.The HRM must precisely find out those candidates whom they are looking for.The HRM must also make a perfect balance between hiring someone for position-needwith respect to hiring someone talented and skillful regardless of position during therecruitment process.The necessity of recruiting the right candidates has always been a pivotal point for thecompany, because a wrong decision by the recruiters can prove to be a time wasting andmoney wasting for each and everyone involved in the recruitment process. To avoid this,the recruiters are ought to deal with the recruitment process very cautiously and carefully.
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