Assignment On Warehousing & Intermodal

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Topic 1:Warehousing in its many forms appears at different points across supply chain networks. Intermodal choice is also important for the overallperformance of the supply chain. Choose a company to: describe and examine its warehouse facilities and inventory; identify and explain itsintermodal choice; and critically evaluate the link between the warehouse, inventory and the intermodal choice.This question carries 45% of the marks.Topic 2:Facility location is considered key to business success. Choose a company to: identify and explain the reasons and objectives for its locationdecision;critically evaluate the factors the company took into account when selecting this location; and examine whether or not this locationcan support the company’s future expansion.This question carries 45% of the marks.The remaining 10% of the marks are awarded for executive summary, presentation, grammar, style, and layout.Please answer these two topics separately under numbered headings/sub-headings and use academic theories and examples to supportyour discussions. You are expected to use all material from lectures, seminars and also use an appropriate number of academic resourcesincluding text books and peer reviewed academic journal papers.
TopicBreak downGradePoints to GradeTopic 1: (45%)A5%Use diagrams and flow charts to illustrate theproduct movement and underpin the analysisthe supply chain network.B10%Describe and examine the warehouse facilities(e.g., warehouse size, warehouse functions,use of technology, etc.) and inventories (e.g.,finished goods, work in progress, raw materials,etc.)C10%Identifyand explain the use of intermodalchoiceD15%Critically evaluate the link between thewarehouse, inventory and the intermodalchoicebased ona specific caseE5%Examples from the literature sources, especiallyrecent articles from high impact journals.Integration of theory and practice.Topic 2: (45%)A10%Identifyand explain the reasons and objectivesfor location decision (e.g., historical reasons,costs, service, revenue, etc.)B15%Facility location is affected by Factors such asSupply-side factors (E.g., Labour costs, Landcosts, Energy costs, Transportation costs, andCommunity factors) and Demand-side factors(E.g., Suitability of site, Image of location, andConvenience for customers).Students need to list the factors and criticallyevaluate their importance for the specific case.C15%Examine whether or not this location can
support the company’s future expansion (e.g.,future growth potential, future changes indemand and supply, etc.)D5%Examples from the literature sources, especiallyrecent articles from high impact journals.Integration of theory and practice.Presentation10%Total100%Assessment Criteria (NBS)General Assessment CriteriaTrait0 - 2930 - 3940 - 4950 - 5960 - 6970 - 7980 - 100Knowledge andUnderstandingMajority of work isneither relevantnor accurate.Performanceshows elementsof legitimatecontent.Legitimatecontent butrelies heavily onthe descriptive.Analysis may beunsophisticated.Knowledge baseis generallysound and somecriticalappreciationshown.A maturingability to relatetheory andevidence,concepts andideas isdisplayed.Criticalappreciation isevident.Impressiveknowledge andunderstanding.Clearlydemonstratescriticalappreciation.Theory andevidence areinvariablyrelated.Excellentknowledge andappreciation forsubject.Fastidious eyefor detail.Structure andAlignmentOften inarticulateand can beincomprehensible.Content is moreoften than notinappropriate.Work maycontain someuse of concepts,but is poorly setout and needsan appropriatefocus.Analysis usuallyclear but canlack some clarityof focus.Content isalways relevant,generally wellfocused andorganised.Argument orlogical reasoningis alwaysrelevant and wellsustained.Assured abilityto challengereceived wisdomand to sustainargument orlogical reasoningunder theseterms.
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