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Topic- Banking1.Describe the productWhat need/want does it fulfill for consumersWhat are the product’s main features and/or benefits2.Describe the place for your productWhat type of distribution channels does your company use and why3.Describe the promotion of your productPromotional goalPromotional tools4.Describe the pricePricing goal & strategy(Based on pricing that you observe in the market place (list at least 2 sources), fullydescribe the product’s likely pricing goal & strategy. Reference pricing techniques fromyour textbook to describe)5.Describe how you would evaluate the product’s marketing mix (5 points):What would you measure, what metrics would you use and when/how frequentlywould you measure?6.Appropriate use of 1 or more tables, with titles, referenced and explained within thepaper7.What would you measure, what metrics would you use and when/how frequently wouldyou measure? Discuss at least 5 metrics you would use.
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