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TOPIC OF ARTICLESTUDENTS’ ATTITUDES TOWARDS DISTANCE LEARNING IN NIGERIAFor this assessment, students will write an individual academic review article suitablefor publication in an academic journal. The article must follow the structure, formatand style needed by the selected journal. The article must include a review ofscholarly literature relevant to the topic identified. The audience of the article maybe professional educators or administrators. Therefore, the article needs to include adiscussion of the implications for practice.(1)Follows the structure, format and style of the selected journal (15 marks) _Length 400-5000 words _Concise informative title of between 8-10 words max that reflects the article topic andcontains key words _Abstract informs about the main objectives, succinctly introduces argument andconclusions reached _Introduction provides background to the general topic, area of concern; identifiesresearch/review questions that indicate “the problem” and the author’s purpose/motivation/justification for reviewing the literature; argument or author’s position is clearly stated;outlines the approach and organization of the text. _Body of paper provides a coherent structure - discussion of the topic/area of concern;links literature to argument/purpose. _Conclusions answer the research/review questions posed in the introduction; presentand discusses implications, interpretations and identifies any unresolved questions; makesa clear take home statement that integrates the points discussed and argument.(2)Presents a coherent argument, review of literature and discussion that relates to theproblem identified and argument (40 marks) _Clarity and balance of argument _Critical, constructive analysis of the literature in the specific field. _ Compares and discusses relations between the literature being reviewed
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