Tourism and hospitality management : assignment

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TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENTStudent’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseCity/StateDate
Tourism and Hospitality ManagementThe competing value framework is referred to as one of the most used and effectual structure thatcan help in assessment of organizational culture and dynamics. In essence, CVF arose fromthorough study of recognition of efficacies of corporation. Furthermore, the effectiveness criteriawere witnessed to present a variance of internal and external metrics, together with stability-flexibility (Iqbal, 2011).In the present case, the CVF replicates four quadrants in a spider web that are not essentiallyequal and two different dimensions. The first dimension in the CVF framework includeseffectiveness that refers to internal orientation emphasizing on development, assimilation ofactivities, synchronization and collaboration (Iqbal, 2011). Again, the second dimensionconcentrates on efficacies of operations along with culture that necessarily exerts impact onstability as well as flexibility.In essence, the spider web presented according to the responses of the present survey questionscomprises of two different areas where one highlights the strength and the other one theweakness. The roles of innovator and broker rely on creativity along with communication skills
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