Assignment on Tourism Plan to the Great Wall of China

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Running head: TOURISM AND TRAVEL1New Wonders of the World: The Great Wall of ChinaStudent NameInstitutional Affiliation
TOURISM AND TRAVEL2IntroductionTourism sector plays a significant role in the economic growth, development, andsustainability. Wonders of the world represent a global heritage that countries and communitieshave.Great Wall of Chinais among the leading new wonders of the world. The Great Wall ofChina is a stone-and-earth fortification made to secure the Chinese Empire boarders from theinvading Mongols[ CITATION Dav17 \l 1033 ]. The Great Wall was built in the 5thCentury B.C andthe 16th-century succeeding multiple walls that span approximately 4,000 miles, and this made itthe longest human-made structure in the world. China’s transnational economy is widelyattributed to the tourism industry. The Great Wall of China is one of the leading touristdestinations in the country. The aim of this assignment is creating a plan paper on how thegovernment of China can increase tourism to the Great Wall of China.Revamping and Improving Travel InfrastructureRevamping and the continual improving China's travel infrastructure is required toincrease tourism activities to the Great Wall. A tourist admires visiting destinations withouttraffic jams and with high quality tarmac. Both the foreign and domestic tourists in China do notlove bumpy rides with potholes of which some roads leading to the tourist site have[ CITATIONChr13 \l 1033 ]. The government of China must revive tourist infrastructure services by alsoupgrading their airports and facilities to meet the international tourist industry standards. Mostvisitors prefer the scenic way of traveling to the Great Wall of China through Beijing and HongKong where they have a relaxed view of China's domestic tourism and how the destinations aremanaged to suit the tourist needs and demands[ CITATION Mic15 \l 1033 ]. The introduction ofconvenient infrastructure would motivate most tourists to travel to see the world's largest iconicmonument. Restoring part of the wall is critical for the Chinese government to do. The sectionsthat run through the northern Beijing Mountains, built during the Ming Dynasty require rubbingand devolvement to make tourist comfortable while walking over the monument.Balancing Global Travelling PopulationBalancing the surgical global traveling population with finite capacity that the Great Wallof China can sustain is also required. China promotes the culture of sports, the so-called SummerOlympics nearly every year. Tourists and sportspeople consider the Summer Olympics as aperfect opportunity to visit this world's iconic monument. China enjoys the best opportunities tosolidify its place in world's superpower nations. However, in the last summer and Christmas,Hong Kong and Beijing reached maximum capacity temporarily and were forced to lock outmore guests due to overcrowding. This was a disadvantage to the tourism industry and theeconomy at large[ CITATION MaZ14 \l 1033 ]. To maximize the population destination at themonument, the balancing of the surgical global traveling population is required, and this may bedone through introducing other forms of tourism such as conference tourism, sports tourism, eco-
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