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Tourism Development in Qatar - PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Tourism refers to the activities of a person related to travelling and staying in place which is awayfrom their usual environment for business, leisure and other purpose not more than a year.Stakeholder are the group of person that are connected with business either internal or externallyand are being affected by organisation's action, policies or objectives. Stakeholders are essentialpart of tourism industry in Qatar which includes customers, local community, supportingauthorities and government. Development in tourism industry also benefited the stakeholderseither directly or indirectly which in turn will support company to achieve higher growth.Therefore for achieving sustainability in market place it is very essential for tourism industry ofQatar to involve their stakeholder in their business activities. This help them in development ofindustry as well as support in achieving higher sustainability in marketplace. Benefits ofstakeholders are given below:-Government:-Tourism industry is interlinked with several otherindustries such as hotel, airlines, local transports etc. Therefore, with the development of tourismindustry these industries also get growth opportunities which support in economical developmentof Qatar. Further it also contribute toward providing chances of earning huge revenue which canbe used toward the development of tourism industry as well as betterment of society.Community: -Development in Qatar Tourism industry also help in improving the social as wellas economical condition of country. As many people are employed because of tourism industry,hence development of this sector will increase the employment opportunity. As people arrangeseveral events or activities for entertaining visitors that is the main source of income for localpeoples. It generates the demand of employment in various sector such as hotel, tourist guide,transport or vendor.Tourist:-Customer or tourists are consider as most essential part of tourism industry as growth ofwhole sector is depend over the satisfaction of tourists. They can travel for any purpose such as forstudy, fun or to meet their family and friend. So tourist get benefited from the policies as well asservices provide by tourism company. Therefore, government of Qatar must formulate effectivepolicies that will be beneficial for both tourist as well as tourism industry. As this help in exertingbetter experience to tourists and Qatar tourism industry will be attract large number of customers.Qatar is a country which is rich in culture as well as history related to middle east and is emergingdestination. This country is also involve in hosting a number of events which is one of the mostattractive feature of Qatar as it is responsible for attracting large number of tourist to visit. Butapart from this tourism industry of Qatar is require some attention for its further development.Being a junior consultant at International Tourism Consultancy it is suggested to Qatar tourismindustry that can achieve higher development by forming a partnership between private firms i.e.International Tourism Consultancy and Thomas Cook which help in enhancing the tourism placeby providing better coordination. These organisations work in order to provide best services tocustomers in provide best services by value addition to services. This helps to complete in industry.Following are the advantage and disadvantage of private sector partnership in tourismdevelopment:Advantages:-This partnership help in increasing the efficiency of investment which raised throughexternal sources to redirect that fund toward other important socio-economic area.Private partnership provides better quality standard which can be maintained throughoutthe life of project which also minimizes the cost of error.These organisation provides best services which helps to imp[rove revenue of jointventures.Disadvantages:-In private partnership the revenue generated from the project depends upon theassumption of risk, complexity and scope of projectDifference in the method of managing operation among public and private agencies ofQatar may cause problem while executing the project.Delegation of roles and responsibilities among the expertise belongs to private as well asgovernment agency affects the growth of company in community. As problems related to decisionmaking process directly influence the competitive decisions taken by company.SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT
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