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Running head: TOURISM IN CHESTERTOURISM IN CHESTERName of the Student:Name of the UniversityAuthor Note:
1TOURISM IN CHESTERThe city of Chester has become one of the most popular and vibrant city in the UK.This article discusses some of the tourism issues in the city of Chester. This city is situated inthe north west of England and is described as the diamond of the UK’s crown. Thegovernment of the UK has best preserved this medieval walled city, as it is a grand touristattraction and landmark (, 2018). The recent statistics ofChester’s tourism reveal that the visitor economy for the city jumped up to around 2.6 millionpounds in 2015. In addition to that, the number of visitors choosing the city increasedmarkedly to almost fifty million, an increase of 4.4% topping previous stats.This articleanalyses the main attributions of the city of Chester, the potential areas for improvement andthe factors that affect the tourists.Issues of popularity:The city is driving a dynamic legacy for the future generation and creating a leadinglocal finance driver by supporting the regional creativity, learning as well as entrepreneurs.Chester is reassuring inward investment consequently stimulating business advancement. Oneof the most important factor that affect the popularity of a tourist spot is its geographicallocation. The successive economic, environmental and social growth also have contributedthe Chester city and its surrounding areas to fulfil their aspirations of becoming a must seedestination in the Europe.The global and domestic economy is unswervingly related to tourism. The economyof the country has contributed at large for the growth of tourism in the places. In case thecountry undergoes economic turbulence and people suffering from the unemployment issue,the tourism industry of that particular country directly gets affected. On the other hand, if thecountry is doing good in the economic sector, the people will have enough money thus canafford to spend on leisure.
2TOURISM IN CHESTERThis part of Europe has seen popularity as the countries in this region is free from therecent threats of natural disaster. According to the scholars, tourism grows best when thedestination is supported by the conductiveclimate(Kim,et al.,2014).Despite establishednear ocean the ocean current and global warming do not have much effect on the cityand its climate. This part of the region has stable environment free from hash winds,drought, flash floods or any kind of extreme climatic change. Therefore, people from allover the world having interacted in history, archaeology and culture gather this place.The political environment of the city has recorded to have stable nature and no clashwith other governments that usually increase complexities in the tourism sector. The city alsodoes not have any prior or recent experience ofterrorismor any kind of political turbulencelikenationalism and religious fundamentalism. Therefore, Chester has demonstrated stablepolitical environment, which is one of the most important aspects that regulate theinternational tourist flow (Pulido-Fernández, Andrades-Caldito & Sánchez-Rivero, 2015).Cultural, social and overall features of the tourist destinations also affect the touristdestination greatly. There are spots that the tourists gather most are the famous walls ofChester, Chester Zoo, cathedral, military and historic museums, Chester water tower, castle,city bath and the River Dee. Beside these, the city records a huge number of parks andgardens that bear the memories of the Roman Empire. The well preservation of the historicalartefacts and sites are the chief reason why thy international tourists swarm in this place. Thecity is purely dependant on tourism therefore has to be careful for sustaining responsibletourism in the region.Places for improvement:International guests generally expect easy access to the facilities of a relatively highstandard. They demand particularly accessibility in the places of visit through public
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